About us

HYDRO-OMS operation & maintenance services is one of the rising companies in the field of measurement instruments and quality standards. Hydro intends to penetrate the Egyptian market with this field which makes the global markets distinctive.

Our Vision

Hydro has realized that the only way for spreading the Egyptian products in Egyptian markets and then to the global markets is "The quality control standards & Scientific instruments"  which entrusted with performing examination and tests.

And as a participation from the company to achieve spreading and professional competition we have chosen the best scientific instruments and taking the consideration of pricing to offer them to our customers because we are keen on rooting the concept of quality control due to the extremely importance of it in industry. Also we are keen on introducing the best international brands from the European market, American market, ....etc.

Previous work

Although the newness of the existence of HYDRO-OMS operation & maintenance services, and although the difficulty of Egyptian markets penetration in this difficult period, Hydro has been able to find an opportunity among the large and medium-sized companies, public and private not just to exist in the local market, but also to export to Niger. And below some of our clients:


- Extracted oils company. "Alexandria, Egypt".

- Saker company for food industries "Borg Elarab, Egypt".

- Sphinx (Abo Elhool) company for detergents and chemicals "Salt and Soda previously" "Alexandria, Egypt".

- The Advances Chemical company "Borg Elarab, Egypt".

- West Delta Electricity production company "Alexandria, Egypt".

- Japanese University "Alexandria, Egypt".

- GIC company for food industries "Niger".

After sales service

The most important advantage from working with us is "After Sale Service"  where the company provides free regular maintenance service during the warranty period. Also hardware spare parts for the instruments which provided by the company are available.

For chemicals, we follow chemicals in terms of injection, injection quantity and if it possible to modify the injection or chemicals which use in a particular industry.